Flying Islands

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also TS3(TeamSpeak3):

Were starting over! Again!

so, you probably cant see it, but we have started over again! last time we weren't up for as long as last time, but for plenty of reasons. This time, it might be a while untill you guys will se a bunch of progress, but  we are taking it slow. far too slow personally, but that's all fine. I hope ill see you there once we are done, but expect that to be a while, you can always come on in and help along. More info on that in the "Help needed" page

Were starting over!

so, as you can see(or not) the website doesn't look like it did a few months ago, but that is for the better and only because we are re-opening! that's right, the good old guys from flying islands is getting back in business!... well... most of them, as the old owner is no longer a part of the crew. but don't take me wrong, this is not the new flying islands as we are starting over ENTIRELY! this server has no kind of connection to flying islands in any way, but many things might be similar. the old server crew wasn't very good in the communication and all in all it was pretty much total chaos, but with a much more organised and hopefully more thought through plan we will definitely do whole lot better! I hope I will see you there once we get the server running. the server is in "alpha" meaning that nothing you see here is final and there might be ALOT of changes to, well... everything. Also the server is not even close to getting started so it might be many weeks before you see any progress or updates on how the server is shaping up.